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This project will have you write content on your very own website for free in no time!

The goal of poko is to make it effortless to publish content on the web on your own terms. Replace complex CMSes, proprietary website builders, social media accounts, … with a simple workflow: write + click "publish".

What you get:

📌 poko is in early Alpha. It is incomplete and things may change or break unexpectedly. The sooner you join, the more you should be prepared for a rocky ride. Our advice: join now but don't customize too much. In any case, your website being static, it is often very easy to roll your website back to a previous working version if something breaks.

The gist

Setup the project once

  1. Create free accounts: Github, Notion and a static host (see in our Guides).

  2. Connect accounts as explained in the Quick Start Guide

Publish content (as much as possible 😉)

  1. Write in Notion

  2. Hit 'Publish'

  3. Share your new content! 🚀


Join the discussion

While we work on the docs, come and ask questions in the Github discussions.